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I have been fortunate enough to visit Morzine in the Portes Du Soleil, France over the last few years. After many visits, 1000s of calories and a fair few kilometers covered, Morzine has become a must visit location every winter.

The town is friendly, accessible and suitable for all groups. Morzine is also a fairly quick transfer from Geneva, allowing you to choose from a huge amount of flights. I am happy to say I have tried out most places in Morzine for food, drink and the rest and have tried to distill my thoughts on Morzine here:


Getting there

On a good day you can be in Morzine town center in just an hour from Geneva. If you can face it go for the first flight from London, this will give you the best possible chance of being on the slopes for lunch.

Try and book early to make the most of the best flight options, and as always search for flights in incognito so that you do not get stung with random price increases.

N.B – for your flight home try to avoid the last flight back, this flight is infamously delayed or cancelled so book with caution


Make sure you pre-book your transfer up the mountain. Having tried a few of the transfer companies I have found Rolling Road to be by far the best: You will have to pay marginally more with Rolling Road compared to other providers, however you will benefit as their service is outstanding.



Where to ski

Morzine has two clear sides on which you can ski, Avoriaz or Les Gets. They both have their own benefits and drawbacks, you will have to find what is right for you.


I have always preferred skiing over Avoriaz side. The skiing is vast, particularly when skiing over into Switzerland. The skiing is also much higher with some great runs. Head towards Chatel and keep going, the further you go, the quieter it will get. If you don’t want to travel too far head to the Lindarets bowl where you play in the stash and enjoy lots of food.

Les Gets

Typically this is side is more for families, expect lots of kids flying around your feet. This side is great for diving in and out of trees and a couple great restaurant stops, Le Vaffieu is a personal favourite. Make sure you get up early to beat the queues.



Where to eat

As with any mountain trip, it is mostly, if not all about the food. What better way to reward a nice long days skiing than a hearty, heavy and delicious mountain meal.

Clin D’Oeuil


My absolute favourite restaurant in the mountains. The little restaurant run by Kristel and Jean-Noel bring a south west flavour with a mountain twist. Prepare to feast on the incredible food. The ribs are amazing, as are pretty much everything on the menu. Make sure you book in advance.

La Dez’Alp

A new(ish) restaurant on the scene in Morzine and one where you can definitely feast. This restaurant is great for larger groups and those with large appetites and a love of cheese. They do a Cheese Brulee, with three different cheeses that have been blow torched on top, so incredibly tasty. This place is also a strong rival for best burger in Morzine.


Mumma’s is 100% my most frequented food place in Morzine. The eclectic mix of Pizzas, Thai food, wraps and pasta makes this a brilliant and easy stop for dinner. The food is relatively affordable compared to other options up the mountain. The chip portions are huge, the staff are extremely friendly  and the food is prepared fresh right in front of you. They also have a couple options not on the menu (dependent on how busy they are) – if you can get a gut buster, will be very impressed if you finish it!



If you have a sunny day you have to have lunch at this restaurant up the mountain. It has to have the best views over the alps and it basks in the sunshine in the late afternoon. The food is extremely tasty and the staff very welcoming. Can spend hours out on the terrace attempting to even out that goggle tan

Where to drink

You cannot go skiing and not dabble in a bit of apres ski. Like all mountain towns Morzine has plenty of venues to provide you with a nice hangover. There is simply no better hangover cure than getting up and skiing in the morning, you will just have to get drunk and trust me. Morzine has a variety of drinking places, however these are my favourites:


This english owned ‘pub’ that really isnt a pub is a brilliant late night bar. Lots of cheesy tunes, reasonable drinks and plenty of dancing. A new installment is beer taps at your table. Although built to pour out a pint these tend to pour a little more per serving so make sure there are no valuables on the table! The toffee vodka is also a must try!



This was definitely the place to go on a Wednesday and Friday apres ski, however in recent experiences appears to have lost its way. If it is on form it is a lot of fun, great outdoor bar and perfect opportunity to watch skiers attempt to fly down the ominous looking Pleney run.

Bec Jaune Brewery

Another new addition to Morzine is the Bec Jaune Brewery. All beer is made in house and changes regularly. A great place for a nice chilled apres ski or after dinner drinks (however they do offer great food as well). The staff are very friendly and knowledgeable. Often they have beers with a alcohol % in the double digits – well worth a try.


Happy Hours Bar

A newcomer on the scene is Happy Hours bar in Ardent. This is seasonaire heaven with very cheap drinks and loud music. The atmostphere is definitely crazier than the majority of the other apres ski bars (in a good way) It is a short bus ride back to Morzine also.


If you go to Morzine avoid L’Opera at all costs. It is the most deplorable place run by some truly horrible people. I have seen more people get pepper sprayed than you could imagine and I myself have been on the receiving end having done nothing. It is overpriced and a nasty place.

As always these are just some of my picks based on personal experience, however everyones needs interests and tastes are different. Morzine definitely has something for everyone, visit some of these places if you will, but make your Morzine trip your own.

Have you ever been to Morzine? if so what were your favourite spots?


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